Small Acts of Kindness

By our front door we found a lovely plant and a box of chocolates – from our upstairs neighbor. Chris

His note read:

“Dear Cherry,

I want to wish you a warm welcome to your new home. I hope you find it warm and comforting. The plant is from my Mom, because in the end, Moms stick together.


Welcome Home Cherry

Today Dewey and I step into a new life chapter. His Mom, Cherolyn moves in with us to begin her transition from hospitalization to hospice.  While not a situation any parent or child wishes for, it is something we have chosen to do – willingly and faithfully. I’ve been told I’m crazy and naive. Probably right. 

I don’t know what lies ahead nor how long this will last – which, like most worthwhile things I’ve done in life is probably for the best – because if I knew up front all the hurdles ahead I’d have said “no.”  So, with our knees knocking and our heads bowed – all three of us say YES – knowing full well we will never be the same again.

This is Cherry 3 summers ago at her grandson Tyler’s wedding, and is how I hope always to remember her.

Cherry and Me

4 generations

Four Generations

With Lorie and Dewey

The Captain


I get promoted to Captain tomorrow – at sea in the Northern Arabian Gulf.  I really wish you could be here, it would have meant the world to me to have you pin on my Captain’s eagles.  I miss you.


My Dear Baby Brother – This bittersweet summer of sorrow and joy is made more joyous with this news, and yet sadder still by not being with you.  I miss you terribly.




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